3 best practices for effective data sanitisation

With the new GDPR laws fast approaching, data security is becoming ever more pressing for businesses around the world. Even if you are not based in an EU country, you will still have to comply if the person you are doing business with is. When you factor in the expected heavy penalties for non-compliance, it is easy to see why data security is the hot topic in IT right now.

One aspect of this that many businesses will have to face is what to do with their old IT equipment when it becomes redundant. Many will opt for a data wipe or data sanitisation as this gives the best in terms of security. Here are a few good ideas to implement when thinking about doing this.

1. Use a professional company

Although you could try to perform the process yourself, it is worth considering using a specialised, external company to help instead. They will have all the relevant experience and knowledge in this niche and also the right tools to do the job properly. Under new GDPR laws, you do not want to risk trying it yourself and not fully wiping all that sensitive data. By using an expert company instead, you have full peace of mind that it has been done properly.

2. Do it early

Why have sensitive data laying around when you no longer need it? It is hard for a busy IT manager to manage this aspect sometimes with all the other pressing projects they have on. This can see old computers sitting in a store-room for years that could be accessed by anyone. Of course, this is a huge security risk! With this in mind, it is better to perform the data sanitisation as quickly as you can on the old IT equipment.

3. Make sure to log it

In simple terms, if you haven’t logged it then you haven’t got proof you did it. Naturally, this is not a position you want to find yourself in if you are audited! Make sure that all staff know to fully log the work they do on each machine in case it is needed for the future.

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