3 most common ways data is compromised

Any business in the UK knows how vital preventing data breaches is and the consequences of it. Being able to look after any sensitive data your company may keep on file is more important than ever now. Tough new penalties under GDPR laws mean you cannot take the chance of it happening to you. If it does and your business is found to be at fault, then the financial costs could be significant.

Of course, the modern digital nature of business means that you have to pay attention to securing your data on company devices and networks as well as locking down physical security. To help give you an idea of what to focus on, we look at the most common causes of an IT data leak for business.

Not disposing of old IT equipment properly

This is perhaps one of the biggest dangers your company could face. Do not think that pressing the delete button on files from an old device’s hard-drive is enough before you reuse or recycle it. It is not!

Any piece of old IT equipment that you are planning to reuse or sell on needs a comprehensive data wipe with industry-standard software like Blancco. This is the most effective way to stop other people from accessing any files that were previously there and compromising confidential information. If you are not planning to recycle the old kit, you should also make sure that your IT equipment is physically disposed of properly. Just throwing it in a skip leaves it wide open to being taken and hacked into.

Poor staff practices

The other major way sensitive data is at risk in your business is actually from how your staff handle it. From not password protecting confidential files to leaving their computer screen unlocked with sensitive data showing, they can often be the source of trouble. Of course, this is not something they will do intentionally but it is more a result of simply not being aware. Take the time to remind them of how key keeping data safe is and show them ways to go about it.

Ransomware and malware

You will no doubt have heard of these sorts of malicious attacks which target your IT network and important data. Both are very dangerous and, in the case of ransomware, they can be expensive to fix! The most common way these sorts of computer viruses can take hold is through links in spam e-mails or through staff picking them up unintentionally when surfing the web.

Let AssetCare help out

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