3 reasons why improving your data protection methods is a must

For many businesses, the idea of data protection is an overall important goal, but not one that carries any real risk. As with other crimes, it can feel like data theft or hacking are things that happen to someone else. But in fact, it’s a very real possibility that any business can be targeted digitally, or even physically, to gain access to its valuable data.

So, why is improving your data protection a must, and what can you do about it? There are many things you can do to give yourself additional protection, including the correct computer recycling methods and disposal techniques. Here are just a few reasons why excellent data protection is more important than you might think:

1. Make your business more security-conscious around data

Acknowledging the importance of following GDPR, and keeping your data secure, is the first step to ensuring that every employee understands the requirements of data protection. Not only does this ensure they follow better cybersecurity guidelines when it comes to dealing with data and information, but it also helps to safeguard them against online attacks and cybersecurity risks. An informed company is a safer company.

2. Provide greater data safety to your customers

With the vast majority of customers and clients now aware of the risks involved in the unsafe storage or disposal of technology, it’s never been more important to show your commitment to keeping their data safe. From the responsible data destruction methods you use, to the wiping and repurposing of existing technology, providing a greater security awareness is going to make you look even better in the eyes of your customers.

3. Create less waste e-waste

In any line of work, company waste is increasingly becoming an issue, whether it’s due to the businesses’ output or from the upgrading and changing of technology. Using better data protection methods for your technology – such as recycling existing older technology into something usable – can cut down on that waste. Not only is this better for your business, but it also results in lower costs, by allowing you to use what you have instead of continually purchasing new.

If you’re considering improving your data protection methods, having a good plan in place for laptop recycling, data wiping and hard drive destruction is an excellent place to start. Not only does this offer you an effortless way to improve your security instantly, but it also ensures the safety of both your employees and your customers. Contact us today to find out more about our services to improve your data protection.