4 tips to increase your data protection

Data protection should be a top priority for any company that deals with sensitive customer and/or financial data. As a result, it’s a key, stated priority in many companies’ business plans and strategic documents.

Still, these documents often lack specific, actionable tactics to ensure that data security in your company is achieved. So we want to help! Here are four ways you can actually increase the protection of your data.

Focus on key data

No matter the size or scope of your company, you’ll likely have a mountain of data – everything from inventory to marketing information – available on your servers. Protecting all of that data to the highest degree is often impossible, so it’s crucial to prioritise what data matters most and what should be kept private. Any data protection efforts should thus start with an evaluation of data priorities.

Strict policies and follow-through

Strict data security policies – from who can touch the data to how it’s locked – are a must. But almost as important is defining a course of action if these policies are intentionally or unintentionally violated. What are your next steps? How do you ensure that employees understand the importance of keeping the data safe and secure? Strict but fair punishments can be mitigated with rewards for those who keep the data safe, and the interplay of both creates a culture that values security and privacy.

Training and feedback

Of course, in order for punishment and reward systems to remain fair, your employees have to be well-trained on how to behave and interact with your data. Make a concerted effort to listen to their feedback, as well. Those who use the data are likely to have great insight into how it can be kept safe. If they discover a potential loophole in your firewall or database, you or your security expert should be the first to know.

Data reuse

Of course, a large amount of data will fall into a grey zone – too old to be usable for actual business purposes, but still sensitive enough that it should remain secure. In that situation, it may be time to think about safely destroying the hard drive on which the data is located.

Our data recyclers are safe and approved to do just that, ensuring that the data is truly protected. For more information on our products and data security in general, don’t hesitate to contact us!