Addressing the dangers of recycling your smartphone

The ongoing desire to have the latest tech in the palm of your hand is tying more and more people into long mobile phone contracts to avoid the hefty upfront fee. But more and more people are purchasing newer phones within their contract to stay up-to-date, then selling their second-hand contract phone to recoup some of the expense.

Many are reliant on the quick access to important things like contacts, social media and email, not to mention people being drawn to the gaming potential of smartphones to fill those empty periods of time. Many games require the latest handsets, so this is just another reason why people keep looking to upgrade. But too many individuals and businesses seem unaware of the risks of sensitive data like contact details, passwords, bank information and the like being accessed by the next owner if data isn’t properly erased before selling.

The risks

Businesses that recycle old company smartphones could be in serious breach of data protection laws if they don’t go through the appropriate channels to erase data first. This is particularly important as GDPR looms. Merely performing a factory reset or manually erasing data from a smartphone won’t necessarily prevent that data being recovered by someone with the know-how and necessary technology to recover it, and this is too big a risk to take.

What you can do

Asset Care is a company that specialises in tech recycle processes, particularly data destruction and computer disposal with a focus on reuse of the equipment rather than permanent disposal of it. People are generally quite well-versed in the importance of taking care to protect their data when passing on an old computer, but it seems to be taking time for this to transfer over to smartphones.

Even destroying a piece of hardware like a smartphone isn’t the most reliable way of protecting your data – if the storage components of the phone are recovered by someone, there is still the possibility that they could access data that was stored on it! Our Blancco software overwrites a hard drive in a way that overwrites any remaining data stored on a device, making it impossible for anyone to recover anything at all. This means you can safely recycle an old smartphone with no risk of any sensitive data being stolen.

Get in touch

Recycling old tech is far greener than having it destroyed, if you use the right methods to erase the information you had on your hardware then you aren’t at risk of leaking sensitive information and breaching data protection regulations. Contact AssetCare today if you are preparing to recycle your company smartphones, we can do the work to ensure your data is erased and the hardware is safe to be passed on.