Beyond data loss: how dumped WEEE exposes your network

Computer destruction isn’t just about protecting data. With all the emphasis today on GDPR, Cambridge Analytica and headline-making data losses, there’s a lot of noise around the need to keep your users’ private data exactly that. Fortunately, more companies than ever are recognising the importance of secure hard drive destruction: not just for computers, but company phones, portable memory devices, and even printers.

The risks of these kinds of data failures have never been greater, nor has the public outcry they risk ever posed a greater risk to your business. But the startling truth is, data loss can have ramifications far beyond losing user data.

What are the Data Protection Risks with Disposing Hardware?

Allowing your waste electronics to be dumped without a complete hard drive wipe and shred, and a full certificate of destruction, you risk leaving networked devices in the open and available to anyone with the know-how to access them.

Networked hardware, containing passwords, settings and information that could allow hackers to access your company system, could be shipped out to WEEE landfill sites across the world, where, once dumped, they will be pored over by scavengers and any intact, data-storing hardware removed and sold on to criminals. Stealing personal and corporate data can give hackers the clues to your passwords- names, addresses, dates and other information that can be used to access secure online services.

What are the Consequences of Data Loss?

The reality of data loss is that it can be far more serious than data sold on to unscrupulous buyers- it can be a trail of clues that give hackers access to your online banking or financial services, personal emails and social media, either for individuals or for your company. Rather than being faced with a data breach, you, your company or customers might be targeted by malware and viruses placed inside your network using illegally retrieved data. In cases like these, the damage could go far beyond a fine and loss of reputation.

The hard drive disposal we offer is tailored towards ensuring complete destruction of data so that absolutely nothing is retrievable. A certificate of destruction for your hard drives from AssetCare doesn’t just provide valuable reassurance to your stakeholders and customers that their data is irretrievable, it means that you’re better protected from potential damages a data loss could cause.

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