Cambridge Analytica folds as 71% distrust social media with their data

Beset by investigations, accusations and negative publicity, data harvesters Cambridge Analytica are to close their doors, leaving a social media industry in crisis in its wake. In a tumultuous few months the firm drove home to companies the vital importance in which many people hold their personal data- and the sort of crisis that can overcome those perceived to have misused it. A poll from Accenture reveals today that 71% of respondents now distrust social media sites to hold their data, with a separate review by Business Insider revealing 81% of Facebook users now have little or no trust in the handling of their data. By comparison, 48% of Snapchat users and 58% of LinkedIn users claimed to have at least moderate confidence in their data security. Surveys show that 54% of those polled saw no value in letting companies hold their data, and out of all categories mentioned, respondents only distrusted marketing companies more (75%)- while dating sides narrowly fell into third place at 70%.

While the long term impact of the data security scandal on networks like Facebook remains to be seen, the news will no doubt drive home to companies both in the USA and UK, the importance of maintaining flawless data security across all their processes. With the much-heralded arrival of GDPR only days away, there can be no doubt of the extraordinary care all firms must now take to gather, store and dispose of data in a secure way. The last of those can often be the trickiest- reliable data destruction services must be used to ensure compliance both with GDPR and with service users’ high expectations. Fortunately AssetCare delivers a secure data wipe & hard drive disposal process that’s trusted by some of the biggest companies and government agencies in the world- one that’s fully customisable, and keeps you in line with GDPR. For more information on our services, speak to our computer destruction experts or view our service options.