Can data be destroyed successfully?


Although many people buy new electronic devices each year, they aren’t always sure of how to dispose of them safely. Unfortunately, this can lead to old smartphones, tablets and laptops being left to gather dust when they are no longer in use.

Whilst these items could be recycled or resold, owners are understandably concerned about their personal data becoming accessible to future users. Although data can be superficially deleted, a standard user is not always able to rid their hard drive of data altogether. Due to this, people are wary about disposing of their hardware, such as external drives, laptops and computers.

Although this is problematic for individual consumers, it can be particularly troublesome for businesses. With companies facing increasing regulation regarding data disposal, it’s vital that they have an effective data destruction strategy in place.

The incoming General Data Protection Regulations, for example, will increase the data disposal burdens placed on businesses. Should companies fail to comply with the new guidelines, they face significant sanctions and fines.

By using an experienced technician to perform a data wipe, however, data can effectively be removed from hardware and permanently destroyed. Similarly, an SSD secure erase allows solid state drives to be wiped clean and personal data to be removed.

Effective computer remarketing services

Although many electrical items are stripped down and recycled, they can also be remarketing. By performing a hard drive wipe, the computer or laptop can be restored to factory settings and sold on to another user, without the possibility of potential data leaks.

For companies with large-scale IT requirements, using computer remarketing services can help to reduce losses and can effectively provide another stream of revenue. Furthermore, disposing of electrical items in this way helps businesses to meet their waste targets and ensures that they are not wasting working resources.

Disposing of electrical waste

When electrical items are no longer of use, there are often parts of the machine that can be refurbished and reused. A hard drive, for example, can be effectively wiped and used in another machine.

In some cases, however, it may be appropriate for electrical items to be destroyed and disposed of. Due to the electrical waste regulations, however, it’s vital that this process is performed carefully and by an accredited team of electronic disposal experts.

As part of the WasteCare group, for example, we’re able to deliver effective electronic waste disposal methods, alongside IT recycling and remarketing services. To find out more about disposing of data or electronic waste, why not contact us today?