Common data destruction mistakes that businesses make

It is becoming increasingly common for hackers and cyber terrorists to target businesses and individuals, and successful attacks can provide these people with personal information for identity theft, sensitive information which can be used for blackmail, and financial details which lead to financial fraud. As such, it is no longer enough to shred sensitive paper documents and then dispose of them – digital data must also be securely disposed of. However, throwing away an old hard drive still leaves the information on the system, and improper data destruction can have serious consequences for your business (and your clients).

Here are some of the most common mistakes business makes when destroying data:

1. DIY hard drive destruction

While there may be many online videos showing people taking a hammer to their hard drive to destroy it, this really doesn’t work. Physical destruction in this way only leaves some of the data inaccessible, and there are plenty of skilled hackers who can gain sensitive information from even the most beaten up hardware.

2. Believing that deleting files is enough

Actually destroying the information saved on hard drives takes more than just clicking ‘delete’. In actual fact, ‘deleting’ a file on a hard drive does not erase it, but simply removes the link to access it. To fully destroy files, you need to wipe the memory with specialist software. Be careful though, as there are many ‘free’ wiping software solutions online that don’t offer enough security, and it is best to let a professional advise you on a programme which will offer full security.

3. Not letting professionals do the work

Not only will a professional be able to offer you complete data destruction across the board, both in terms of data sanitisation and physical destruction, but they will also destroy the data in accordance with industry standards. Any data destruction must be carried out according to a number of laws and regulations, and failure to comply can lead to many negative consequences including heavy fines and even business closure. Professionals will provide you with a certificate of compliance for the data destruction, giving you, your business and your clients the protection you need.

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