Completely erasing hard drive data with Blancco Software

Unlike the old days when computers were first becoming integrated into everyday business usage, people are now aware of the importance of secure data destruction. The information that criminals could extract from unsecured or improperly wiped hard drives is likely to have value and could be used in a multitude of different ways for financial crimes and identity theft, with your employees or clients as victims.

Equally, people are fully aware that deleting data on their computer doesn’t really erase it – simply pressing delete and then removing it from the recycling bin still leaves data easily accessible to anyone who knows what they are doing. However, most people don’t know anything beyond this point. A complete hard drive wipe is often necessary for companies, especially when dealing with sensitive financial information or clients’ data under the new GDPR regulations, and therefore it becomes necessary to have experts conduct the data wipe.

Why we use Blancco software

At Asset Care, we pride ourselves on conducting secure computer disposal and hard drive wipes using the latest technology in order to ensure that your data is truly sanitised, with no chance of anyone recovering it. For this, we use Blancco software, a programme specifically designed to wipe hard drives using completely random rewriting methodologies, making it impossible for criminals to retrieve what was previously stored.

When using this software, there are four key steps we take to ensure 100% data destruction:

1. Choosing a specific data erasure standard, based upon the unique needs of the client’s company and devices.

2. Following the software’s directives and applying our own expert knowledge to wipe the drive.

3. Ensuring the software verifies complete destruction, along with checking the ‘hidden areas’ of hard drives which other companies may miss.

4. Create a tamper-proof certificate, showing that complete data sanitisation has been successful, which can be used as documented evidence for any auditors or external agencies.

Once the device has been completely erased, you can choose to reuse the device or allow us to process it for destruction, depending upon your wishes.

At AssetCare, we ensure bespoke and tailored services for our clients, adjusting our processes to their specific business needs, and always place the client first. Focusing on data wipes rather than destruction, we ensure that we try and keep our company as green as possible, and help our clients work to achieving greater sustainability with their computer recycling processes when destroying data. For more information about our services, please take a look at