Data destruction and wiping in the age of GDPR

With the introduction of the ubiquitous GDPR in May 2018, and with so much communication between businesses, clients and customers now being done online, data protection should be at the heart of any company’s asset governance strategy. Not only that, but thanks to the media coverage afforded to several recent data scandals (Facebook-gate et al), it now also plays a key role in PR.

Even the most barely-computer literate employee could tell you that technology is advancing faster than you can say “56k modem”. Hardware, software and networks are constantly being updated, refined and expanded; a company employing IT (and who doesn’t employ IT these days?) can’t afford to be left still trying to get by with glitch-ridden programmes.

Finding solutions

The way to circumnavigate this complex landscape is simply to employ the correct solutions in terms of responsible data sanitising and destruction. Doing that leaves businesses safe in the knowledge that any sensitive or personal data has been securely erased from their computers, laptops, SSDs or any other data-bearing devices, leaving them free to be recycled or even sold onwards. All the corporate responsibility boxes get ticked, giving security and confidence to both businesses and clients.

Blancco for automated data wiping

The best solution for achieving this goal is to employ Blancco software. With over 20 years’ experience, employees worldwide and currently performing 50,000 data erasure operations per day, Blancco has become the industry standard bearer for automated data wiping. The cost-effective methods they have developed negate the potential for human error in data wipe management across all fixed and mobile forms of storage.

Responsible and forward-looking

Blancco also has a strong focus on best practice in responsible disposal of hardware and so are naturally a proud part of WasteCare Group, a North-West based recycling company with a reputation for safe, environmentally-minded secure data disposal but with a strong focus on computer re-marketing services.

Using software from a reputable company like Blancco is essential in the current market: not only is it more important for businesses to guard personal data but, with the constant improvements in technology, data is now much harder to destroy. The days of companies abandoning their old computers in a skip in the car-park or letting employees have them for their children, are long gone.