Data divers are after your business information

Gone are the days of a business hiring a skip and dropping all its old computers, monitors, printers and other hardware whenever there was a major upgrade underway. Now a company is more likely to offload its second-hand technology either to other businesses, resellers or even charities. With Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling directives from the Health and Safety Executive, it is also law and a tick in your company’s green credentials box.

All old IT equipment can be a weak point

However, to do so safely and to protect your business from data divers requires secure deletion of any data stored on the hard drives of those old machines. The same will be true of that stack of presumed dead hard disk drives in the IT office, any old servers that have been consigned to a cupboard and even older smartphones, tablets and field-agent or sales laptops that are rarely seen in the office.

Dispose of data the right way to avoid snoopers and data divers

We can help ensure any hardware and storage is sanitised before it reaches a final destination. We use Blancco software which repeatedly overwrites the original data with new patterns to ensure there is no trace of the old information, no matter how hard anyone searches. And, as has been seen many times before, there are lots of people taking an interest in old hardware.

Wherever a PC or device ends up, it is only natural for the new owner to take a peek at what was inside. There have been many stories of people finding old business information, credit card details, customer databases and far worse on their second-hand PC. There are also many data professionals out there who like to pick apart old hard drives and analyse them with recovery software to see what supposedly deleted information they may still hold.

These data divers might just be looking for a good news story, or digging for actionable information they can sell to third-parties, but the risk is there. This is why our service provides an extra layer of insurance when it comes to disposing of your old hardware. Approved by the National Cyber Security Centre, we can ensure that your business data is truly gone and will never be recovered.

The small cost of this extra data wipe step could prove invaluable to the long-term health of your business, so get in touch to find out how we can help.