Disposing of IT equipment safely

Getting rid of unwanted electrical items isn’t as straightforward as disposing of other types of rubbish. While weekly council collection services may take general refuse, they are unable to collect electrical items, such as laptops, phone or computers.

When it comes to computer disposal, you’ll need to consider your options carefully. Businesses, in particular, may need to access specialised computer disposal services due to the volume of hardware they no longer need.

If your business has upgraded its IT systems, for example, you may have a significant number of computers that you’re no longer using. Using a designated computer disposal service ensures that these items won’t end up in a landfill site and your company won’t have to deal with the additional administrative requirements that come with disposing of such items yourself.

Instead, unwanted hardware can be broken down and the parts recycled wherever possible. While you have access to an efficient service, you can also ensure that your IT equipment is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Could computer re-marketing services work for you?

Often, businesses fail to see the true resale value of computer equipment and this can prevent them from recouping some of the money they originally spent. As an untapped source of revenue, your business could profit from effective computer re-marketing services.

Even if your machinery is not currently working, it may be possible for it to be repaired and resold. In some cases, replacing an inexpensive part can put the machine back into good working order and reinstate its second-hand value.

Once again, recycling your computers and laptops via re-marketing ensures that you’re disposing of the equipment in a responsible way and that the item isn’t needlessly destroyed.

While computers and laptops can easily be recycled or re-marketed, these aren’t the only types of equipment which can be processed in this way. Almost any type of electrical equipment could be recycled or resold, such as printers, scanners and photocopiers.

With most businesses having a variety of electrical equipment installed, it’s worth considering your recycling options whenever machinery is replaced.

Don’t forget data destruction!

However you choose to dispose of your IT equipment, it’s crucial that you remove any data from the equipment first. Failure to do so could result in private information being passed on to a third party and, for businesses, this could result in a significant fine.

By performing a hard drive wipe or shred, however, you can ensure that all the data is removed from your IT equipment before it is recycled, resold or removed.

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