EU Regulators begin probe into second major Facebook data breach

The colossal breach of Facebook data has undoubtedly been one of the largest recent stories in the tech world, and equally, one of the key factors in the Europe-wide GPDR. Unfortunately for Zuckerberg’s Menlo Park headquartered company, September 2018 has seen the security of social networking site the focus of international news as it was recently revealed that almost 50 million accounts had been hacked.

Unlike the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which it became known that personal data of users had been sold with the intent of targeted political advertising for the 2016 US Election, this breach was patched and fixed within 2 days of discovery but the last thing the company needed was additional bad press regarding data integrity.

Already the subject of major scrutiny from the United States government and the European Union, Zuckerberg could face a $1.6 billion (£1,232 million) from the Irish Data Protection Commission – receiving additional support from their Spanish counterparts – which may seem like an inconsequential dent in the Facebook CEO’s vast wealth, but this may not be the last investigation the company comes under for data breaches. The breach itself may have been repaired, but it is unlikely to be the case for the ailing website’s reputation with its users and former users.

What can we take away from this on-going Facebook issue? For one thing, this only serves to show that it is becoming almost more valuable to cyber-criminals to steal your personal information than it is to simply drain your bank account. It is a reminder that vigilance can never be dropped when it comes to properly protecting your personal or business data when you are still using it – but once that time comes to an end, it should be utterly eradicated.

Physical destruction of hardware such as CPUs, hard-drives and other assets used to be the done thing for making old data inaccessible, but we know now that information can in fact be recovered from hard-drives and computer disposal. The cunning intelligence of determined criminals can never be underestimated. But now, data sanitisation offers a far more secure and economically efficient way of eradication old files and information from your computers and phones. If you want to find out how Blancco software can give you peace of mind without the need of shredding old hard-drives and saving you the cost of having to replace them all, contact us to discuss your needs.