GDPR is here- does your business have a hard drive destruction policy?

Improve your data protection procedures with AssetCare

If you store or process private data, you need to ensure that data is kept safe – including when you dispose of your IT equipment. New EU regulations mean you need to have clear plans in place for securely & irretrievably removing any sensitive information from your computer hard drives when you replace them.

Data security has become more and more important over the past several years, and the EU has now weighed in with updated data security regulations – known as General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. These rules are much tighter than the ones they have been replacing – national laws such as the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK.

What can your business do to improve data protection?

Now is the time to ensure your business matches up to the requirements of the new regulations- meaning if you have to replace or dispose of IT hardware, you should be using a secure data destruction service. It’s vital that when disposing of data-carrying hardware that you get a certificate of data destruction to confirm the safe & complete removal of all data from your materials. This keeps you covered and in line with all the relevant regulations and gives you a physical record of your data destruction.

If you fail to dispose of your data the correct way, you could now be in breach of GDPR- which comes with serious consequences. By using a specialist hard drive destruction service such as AssetCare, you can be confident that you’re in line with the rules, as well as being certain your data has been comprehensively destroyed. This means both staff, clients, partners and service users can be reassured with 100% certainty that their information is not under threat from those who would misuse it.

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