How and why your business should recycle computers

Big and small businesses need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to IT and often this means replacing computers that are fundamentally fine. There are two options for computer disposal for a business and these are IT destruction or IT recycling.

We have all heard horror stories about IT disposal that leads to information leaks and even prosecutions, but proper IT disposal and IT recycling will protect you from this. Here we explore how and why you should recycle your business computers.

Reduced costs

If you are getting IT disposal carried out then this is a service that you will need to pay a significant amount for. This service involves sanitation and destruction with no potential reward for the person providing the service. With IT recycling, however, there is a tangible and potentially valuable asset that is left behind afterwards. Once IT recycling has been carried out there is something that can be sold or utilised and this can reduce your costs.

Reduction of harmful waste

The most significant element in IT disposal is in the amount of harmful waste that it creates. When you dispose of a computer you can cause a lot of harm to the environment and electronic waste is one of the worst forms there is. Computers can be detrimental to the air, land and waterways, so you should always avoid disposing of computers when it is possible to do so. IT recycling is an alternative that will help to keep these parts out of landfill for some time and they can be used in refurbished computers that will keep working for years to come.

How to recycle computers

Whether you dispose of computers or opt for IT recycling you will need to contact professionals to do it to protect your data. Computers are wiped clean, overwritten and wiped again. By overwriting the data, any trace of the information that was stored there previously can be removed and your computers can be made safe. It really is as simple as that!

Is it safe?

AssetCare makes use of software called Blancco that completely wipes any trace of the data that was stored on the computer previously. This process is safer than using destruction alone and will make it impossible for people to be able to recover the data from your hard drive. Not only is IT recycling safe, it is in fact safer than destruction and it helps save the environment too!