How data destruction can save money for your data centre

You may have heard talk that data destruction can save an organisation money, but are you aware that your data centre can benefit the most from investing in good IT recycling? From money saved by erasing unneeded data to money earned by selling your wiped RMA drives, data erasure with software can yield great benefits for your ROI. Here’s how you can save money in your data centre.

Erasing unneeded data rather than storing it

Of the data being stored by the average company, only a small percentage is actually business-critical. Around 33% is redundant data, and more than 50% is unclassified, with no real value to the company. This means companies are holding onto a lot of data that isn’t necessary. The more this data gets piled up, the higher your storage costs become. By securely erasing all that unnecessary data, you can reduce the number of servers and storage devices required in your data centre, as well as the number of staff required to manage them and also the energy costs associated with keeping them running.

Automate decommissioning

Is your current server decommissioning process a slow, manual undertaking? We use Blancco to erase data, which has the power to decommission up to thousands of servers in a day using a simultaneous process, rather than implementing time-consuming conventional processes. This speedy method can work on entire racks of servers, helping to increase efficiency. It also saves money on the required manpower, and any servers you erase can be reused or resold securely.

Save money on HDDs/SSDs

If you lease RMA drives, performing on-site erasure will mean drives can be transported risk-free when the lease ends. It is the data centre’s responsibility to prevent data leaks, and if you don’t fully erase the RMA drives you’ll be unable to return them to the manufacturer on time. Erase on-site to avoid fines and fulfil compliance responsibilities.

Any loose drives you have around the data centre can be erased securely in order for you to reuse or resell them. This will save money on the cost of new media or even recoup money from original purchases. There is no need to keep all media at data centres to meet your legal obligations; with our Blancco-based data destruction, you get an entirely tamper-proof audit trail that meets all compliance needs. So your media can leave the data centre worry-free.

To learn more about how AssetCare could help save money in your data centre with secure data destruction, get in touch today.