How is the GDPR affecting data destruction?

Now that the GDPR rules are in full force, companies need to be aware of the directive and how it affects them. Failure to correctly handle consumer data could lead to heavy fines, plus significant damage to your company’s reputation. To avoid data leaks and protect your customers, and to stay in line with the GDPR, you need to consider using safe data destruction processes at your company.

What is the GDPR and why does it matter?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU directive which replaces the Data Protection Act in many jurisdictions. It regulates how personal data is held and shared by companies, and gives individual consumers better control of their own data.

For the majority of companies, the implementation of the GDPR has meant a major overhaul of customer databases. Customers now have a right to be removed from any commercial database, and they can hold companies to account for any leaks of their personal information.

Improper data destruction could land you on the wrong side of the GDPR

As an environmentally-conscious company, your inclination is probably to recycle old equipment. We all know that sending it to landfill is bad for the planet – if you donate or recycle your old computers and other devices, you could help others access technology, and reduce your carbon footprint too.

But when those devices contain the personal data of your consumers, simply throwing them in the recycling bin could now land you on the wrong side of the GDPR! It is essential that all data is wiped from these devices before they are disposed of. Otherwise, they could fall into the wrong hands – and you could be held responsible for the consequences.

Correct disposal of data

Now that the GDPR is in full force, you want to avoid being hit with a fine. You can still recycle your old equipment, and it can still be thrown out when you are done with it. However, you should first seek the computer disposal services of AssetCare. We are part of the WasteCare group and we are regulated and authorised to carry out GDPR compliance data wipes.

We can even provide recycling services for your old computer and IT equipment. The best way to stay on the right side of the GDPR is to put your trust in the experts! We can protect you and your customers, while you concentrate on delivering great products and services to them.