How to ensure effective data security and complete hard drive destruction

A single hard drive contains a lot of files: thousands, usually hundreds of thousands, all containing vital information. Deleting digital files from your computer doesn’t actually remove them from the hard drive. The information contained within them remains, including all the emails, online correspondence and records of your online activity. You may think you’ve removed it, but you haven’t. Even if you overwrite or reformat your drive, you may not have done enough to protect any sensitive, proprietary, or confidential information contained on your drive. An individual with the right equipment, knowledge, and enough determination can recover your data.

How to ensure effective data security…

Choosing the right destruction equipment is essential, but effective information security goes far beyond the destruction of your drives when you’re finished with them. The period of time between ceasing to use a drive and destroying it is as important as ensuring the destruction of the drive itself. Your drives should be kept in a safe and secure location, prior to their destruction. This is vital to ensure your data remains safe while you’re waiting to destroy it.

How to ensure complete hard drive destruction…

Ensuring you have a comprehensive programme for your information security is vital. You should have set procedures that are written down and followed by everyone. These procedures need to comprise detailed labelling, including serial numbers for each of your drives, and record keeping, including the computer to which each drive belonged, as well as the removal date. Your programme also needs to include carefully documented details of the methods and dates used for the destruction of each of your hard drives, as well as plans for in-house verification and monitoring.

Ensuring your staff are properly trained in these procedures is equally vital. Have dedicated members of staff responsible for enacting procedures and ensure you only place employees you completely trust in such positions. Alternatively, you can use a security service to ensure everything is done properly. Either way, procedures should be supervised by management.

If you do not yet have a comprehensive system for information security and hard drive destruction in place and would like to know more about ensuring the safety of your data, as well as the complete destruction of your hard drives, get in touch. We offer secure data sanitisation and the secure physical destruction of hard drives.