How to have a safe December with AssetCare

Why the Christmas season can come with some nasty data loss surprises


It’s now more important than ever to secure your company data, with repercussions of a major data loss potentially enough to sink most SMEs. Yet there remain gaps in the public understanding of data security and how to prevent a potentially business-ending security breach. This is particularly true, some experts believe, over the winter break, when businesses see increases in a litany of data security bad practices. Here’s our guide to keeping your information secure over Christmas.


  1. Be careful what you take home

Many people stay with family over the winter break, and there’s a temptation to take vital work home with you. This inevitably leads to slack data security practices, as portable devices like laptops are used to handle vital data. Important digital information is transferred onto storage hardware which can be easily accessed, and less secure internet connections set up by relatives can leave you open to hacking. Make sure staff are aware of the risks that come with this.


  1. Spending more time online

People spend more time online in the run up to Christmas than at other times of the year. Cold weather and early evenings keep us indoors, and Black Friday sales, ‘Cyber Monday’ and Christmas shopping drives millions of consumers to online stores. With so many people logging on, and with credit card details changing hands as we rush to buy gifts from a wider and wider range of sites, hackers often find ways to steal these details. From an organisational point of view this is particularly concerning, as employees frequently use workplace computers to do their online shopping.


  1. Theft and loss

Millions of data-storing devices will be given as presents this year. These may lack intrinsic security software, and in the rush to access their new toys owners could leave their data exposed to hackers. We often don’t think through passwords at the best of times and all this new tech can easily be left under protected. Add to this that the new digital gadgets piling up in homes, cars and workplaces around Britain poses as easy target for thieves, not to mention simply increasing the chance of data storing hardware being misplaced, and winter is always a peak time for data loss.


  1. Disposal

Got a new laptop, tablet or phone for Christmas? Lucky you! But what to do with the old one? Very few people are aware of the importance of proper IT disposal. Even badly damaged, old or corrupted hardware can be easily exploited for personal data. Failure to understand proper, secure IT disposal can cause severe problems if data storage devices fall into the wrong hands.


If data security is a concern in your organisation, at any time of year, you can rely on AssetCare to safely remove sensitive data, and remarket the cleaned hardware in a single, secure process. Trust our team of security vetted data destruction experts to secure your financial, staff, customer or service user data & protect your organisation.