How to safely get rid of old business computers and hardware

Businesses are often updating their technology and hardware, and while this will give them increased performance and efficiency, it does leave the question of what to do with old computers. Many of these will contain sensitive and secure information which needs to be dealt with properly, and then there is the problem of physically disposing of the hardware itself, which will contain toxins that will damage the environment.

So what should you do?

Our experts at Asset Care know exactly how to dispose of old hardware safely and securely, and have created a brief guide to help you understand exactly what the process involves.

1. Save your important files

The first thing to do is to back up all of your files, and transfer the necessary ones to your new device. One of the best ways to do this is through an external hard drive, which allows you to keep your files secure without taking up too much space.

2. Safely and securely sanitise the old hardware

Everyone knows that just deleting old files on the computer won’t actually permanently remove them. These files can be restored at a later date through computer software, and the implications of your company’s sensitive data getting into the wrong hands could be disastrous, especially given the new GDPR legislation. As such, you need to use specialist software, with the operation being undertaken by professionals. At AssetCare, we know exactly how to tailor our software to your devices, ensuring safe and secure data sanitisation every time.

3. Dispose of the old device

Computers and associated hardware cannot just be thrown in the bin due to the toxic chemicals they contain, which have serious environmental effects. Therefore, they need to be taken away by a professional company who can do this in the proper manner. AssetCare can provide this service for you, saving you time and money. Equally, we advocate computer recycling too, whereby you can reuse your old hardware, safe in the knowledge that it has been securely wiped, and there is no chance of the previously stored information being recovered.

While the task of correct computer disposal and data sanitisation might seem difficult, our experts at AssetCare can make the whole process easy and painless for you. For more information about our services, including our laptop recycling and computer remarketing services, please contact us at