Is it a good idea to remarket my old computer system?

Computer remarketing provides a way to source vital funds towards a new computer system, while also contributing to an environmentally friendly solution for the disposal of old hardware. Businesses can rest assured that all data on their old system is destroyed in a GDPR-compliant manner prior to any remarketing exercise when they opt for professional recycling and remarketing providers. Alternative ways to dispose of redundant computer hardware include recycling or donating to worthy causes, however these are not always the best options.

Why remarketing computers makes sense

Totally upgrading business hardware can be a huge effort, and computer recycling and remarketing services take away all the associated problems connected with the disposal of old systems. When time is limited, it’s often possible to get the asset disposal teams to conduct a complete site survey to assess all redundant hardware at your premises. Very often, you will be provided with a price for your redundant hardware at this time, so you’ll be fully aware of the likely contribution towards your new IT system.

Some other routes you could use for the disposal of your computer assets include donating them to charities or good causes, or recycling. The downside to donating your computer assets is that you will need to spend considerable time wiping and deleting the drives, and if mistakes or omissions are made you could be faced with loss of personal business data, which might compromise your business operations and could even result in hefty fines from data protection regulators. Recycling your old computer can also cause problems, as you need to comply with all environmental protection requirements, and in many ways it is a waste of assets that could be reused.

Are there any other options?

Setting a computer recycling policy for your business helps avoid the dumping of non-biodegradable waste into landfill sites and will be appreciated by your staff and customers.

Modern methods of IT recycling make remarketing the most economically viable route towards hardware upgrades, providing redundant equipment with a continued lifespan and promoting ecologically sound choices for any organisation.

Talk to the experts at AssetCare

AssetCare prefer to re-use rather than destroy computer equipment, and our Blancco overwriting software is a much safer method of data destruction than shredding or incinerating. We provide a full multi-channel marketing system for the remarketing of IT equipment and have several decades of experience in producing the maximum financial returns to our customers. When preferred we can also provide a secure physical destruction service for clients, and will recover all associated precious metals and materials for onward resale.