IT remarketing: The what and the why

Any IT manager knows how key properly dealing with old IT equipment is in business. As more business goes digital and into the Cloud, more of the sensitive data hackers are after is placed there too. This means that IT equipment that has been used by your business needs to be disposed of properly to avoid any leaks or data breaches.

One very good choice for many organisations is IT remarketing. Compared to physical destruction, it offers a number of distinct advantages.

What is IT remarketing?

Of course, before you decide to head this route, you need to understand what it involves. A professional, external remarketing provider would collect the old equipment you are disposing of and complete a thorough data wipe on it. Rather than take it to a recycling centre though, the external provider would remarket your old but now secure gear to sell. Once the sale is made, you would get a portion of the profits.

Why should you use IT remarketing?

Now you know what this involves, you may wonder why your business should do it? Here are some great reasons to think about.

Helps to drive IT upgrades

There are two things all IT managers know about upgrading business systems – it is costly and essential to stay competitive. The issue can be that a business may simply not have the money to carry out the required updates and avoid being left behind. IT remarketing helps here as it allows you to extract money from the kit you are disposing of and then use it to fund the upgrades.

Better for the planet

Doing business in a responsible and environmentally friendly way is key to all IT managers now. Of course, simply recycling your old IT gear is a good start but remarketing takes this to the next level. By undertaking computer remarketing, you are ensuring your old kit has a new lease of life and prevents the needless waste of something that could still be used.

Help to stay safe online

One of the great things about IT remarketing for the modern age is that it can help your business to stay safer online. Old IT gear will have old anti-virus protection on which is dangerous for your network. By helping you to get rid of redundant gear and put newer equipment in place, IT remarketing ensures your network is always robust enough for the latest online security threats.

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