Secure data disposal is important for all businesses

Secure data disposal is a critical requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force on May 25 2018. Any business organisation will still be accountable for personal data which is lost, leaked or misused from a computer or mobile devices that have been sent for wiping or destruction. So, it’s important that businesses opting for third-party data asset disposal choose their providers wisely.

Threats relating to data disposal

Most companies will have digital equipment in offices that should be wiped clean or securely destroyed. Very often this equipment ends up gathering dust in store cupboards, rather than being dealt with in a satisfactory fashion. Data management is an important issue in the UK and often neglected. Through 2016, 54,468,603 individual data records in the UK were compromised in some fashion and secure disposal of data assets is a critical way of ensuring individual data records are correctly deleted and there will be no opportunity for them to enter the public domain.

Outsourcing data destruction

Outsourcing your business data asset disposal or destruction is often the simplest and most economical way for companies to handle the deletion of sensitive customer and employee records and contact details. But, any business needs to be able to trust their provider uses strict methods of control.

AssetCare provides a comprehensive service for the destruction of sensitive information. Businesses can choose to have their SSD or magnetic hard drive securely erased and overwritten using secure Blancco software, which accesses all the secret portions of hard drives to ensure they are properly eradicated. Blancco software is an industry-leading data overwriting package which is popular with big business and government offices, due to its successful record in data destruction.

Once the business equipment is totally wiped it can be considered for refurbishment and resale. AssetCare will market and sell the equipment and return a portion of the sales proceeds to you. This is a good means of ensuring data destruction and also providing an income stream from redundant equipment. AssetCare will also sell associated equipment at the same time.

Where physical destruction is the preferred method for disposing of redundant assets and information, the AssetCare team of security-vetted employees will handle this and any precious metals will be recovered in the process.

Contact AssetCare for more information about our secure UK-wide data destruction and hard drive wiping services.