Separating fact from fiction on data destruction

It seems that every day another company is hacked into, data is leaked all over the world and the global threat of hackers and malicious viruses is ratcheted up another notch. In this environment, particularly with the inbound GDPR laws, a focus and commitment to proper disposal and wiping of data is absolutely essential to any business.

But, there’s a lot of confusion and hearsay on this topic. Here’s how to separate the myths from reality:

Myth #1: You can simply wipe the data yourself.

You may think that performing a full wipe over your hard drive will expunge any trace of your data. You’d be wrong. Trace elements will be left behind, and as long as that hard drive exists, data retrieval is possible.

Fact #1: Only experts with the proper software are a secure enough solution.

Blancco data overwriting software is favoured by governments, NGOs and Fortune 500 companies the world over – it’s the industry standard. Rigorous testing procedures mean that this is the only way to fully remove the possibility of extraction, and why it’s relied on for the removal of highly classified, confidential data. Data wiping in this manner conducts a full and complete destruction of your data, guaranteeing every trace of your information will be removed and is more effective than any other method. But, this process isn’t simple or easily done from the comfort of your home – it requires expertise and specialist technology.

Myth #2: Smashing your hard drive will render any data left on it useless.

Data retrieval has continued to grow more and more sophisticated over the last few years. Even if you think you’ve done a good job of destroying your hard drive, you’d be amazed at how quickly an experienced professional is able to extract your information. Smashing it with a hammer, or even running it over in your car is a totally inadequate method of data destruction.

Fact #2: Data shredding or crushing guarantees your data security.

The latest technology has to be employed for a complete disintegration of the hardware. These type of disposal facilities are extremely advanced, highly technical and run by specialists. Shredding or crushing hard drives is an excellent method to make any attempt at data recovery absolutely futile: once a hard drive is completely destroyed, even the most seasoned hacker will find it impossible to extract any data.

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