The first ever international e-waste day was a success

The first ever international e-waste day was held on 13th October 2018, aimed at promoting the correct management of electrical and electronic equipment. Its organisers hailed the event as a ‘tremendous success’, and there were some great efforts made all around the world to raise awareness of the recycling and disposal of your equipment.

A diverse celebration

The WEEE Forum is a multinational association of collection schemes for e-waste. They announced that the day was celebrated in 30 different countries, with approximately 50 organisations participating in the initiative. The day was marked by a range of different events, from online campaigns to temporary collection points in city centres, all aimed at raising public awareness of e-waste and encouraging businesses and consumers alike to dispose of theirs correctly.

Among the plethora of different events held worldwide was a conference in New Delhi, India. It was called ‘E-Waste Management: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’, and it discussed the opportunities and the challenges associated with e-waste recycling. In Poland, e-waste scheme ElektroEko erected street collection points around Warsaw to promote the proper disposal of e-waste and enable people to dispose of their existing waste items. And in Ireland, there was a campaign in schools encouraging people to recycle old mobile devices using a pilot data destruction project.

A proud success

President of the WEEE Forum, Jan Vlak, spoke of the great opportunity International E-Waste Day provided to “engage with consumers” and promote the importance of disposing of e-waste through the correct channels. He expressed optimism that the day “contributed to influence people’s behaviour”, and the hope is that more people will continue spreading the word about recycling and disposing of e-waste properly.

Estimations have forecast that more than 50 million tonnes of e-waste will have been generated globally by the end of 2018. Out of this huge amount, only around 20% currently gets recycled, meaning as much as 40 million tonnes ends up in landfill, or gets otherwise treated in a sub-standard way. This flies in the face of e-waste legislation, and is a problem that needs to be addressed.

How e-waste affects your business

Businesses need to be aware of the importance of proper e-waste management, otherwise their security could be compromised and they could even be in breach of local legislation. At AssetCare, we like to focus on recycling as the best e-waste management solution, and we specialise in doing this properly. International e-waste day is a great movement as raising awareness is essential on many different levels – if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, please feel free to  get in touch and learn more.