The growing importance of data sanitisation and destruction

Technology improves at an ever increasing rate. We’re more reliant on data than ever before and never been more susceptible to an attack. People are becoming increasingly aware that deleting a document from your system isn’t the end of the story.

Hackers are able to recover data, even data that you believe to be deleted. Having important files on your computer is a risk for any person, or business, and steps have to be taken in order to ensure that data is protected. The protection of data has always been a key issue, but its importance is growing by the day.

The rise of computer literacy

Many people are getting more computer literate. A hacker was once seen as a mythical creature with powers beyond what most people could achieve, but now the knowledge of computers and how they work is getting greater and greater. This means that the amount of people capable of hacking into a system, or being able to recover a hard drive, is increasing all the time.

As the understanding of technology improves from people who have malicious intent, the understanding needs to improve from people who simply want to protect their data. Data sanitisation is a great way to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for knowing that any redundant files, or files you have stored elsewhere are protected from an attack.

Don’t take any chances

Whether you want to recycle your technology, or simply destroy it, it’s vital that it is done in the correct way. You don’t want to open yourself up to security breaches and you don’t want to simply store your old machines away so they are out of sight.

The consequences could be severe; computers can hold a lot of historic information that could be used for blackmail, identity or physical theft, or for revenge attacks. There have never been more people capable of such an attack, which makes protecting you or your company a number one IT priority.

Protect you and your company

Using a professional company will take away the stress and leave you safe in the knowledge that your old data cannot be compromised. Here at AssetCare we provide data wipe and data destruction services that can help your business thrive, and prevent your precious data from ever falling into the wrong hands.