The security implications of the IT recycling revolution

Why GDPR doesn’t have to mean cutting your IT recycling policy

We all want to do the best for the environment, and companies around the world are doing more than ever to improve their environmental policies. But what could start as a well-meaning attempt to undertake best-practice environmental policy could also jeopardise your data security; and how can you satisfy both requirements?

As we’ve discussed before, it’s not just good environmental practice to reuse computers– it makes sense for a range of reasons. There are more reasons than ever to explore all the options when considering an IT hardware replacement, and for many organisations the benefits of a comprehensive eco-friendly disposal policy naturally leads to the creation of an IT recycling policy. However when deciding on a service to use, managers must consider that not all computer remarketing services are the same, and that data security needs to come first- especially in the age of GDPR. Computer remarketing services now need to prioritise safe, secure, and total data destruction before the renovation and reuse processes begins. This means both hardware and software need to be processed for totally irreversible data removal. Without this, your remarketing contractor could easily be passing on confidential data of you, your staff and clients, finances and other details to whomever may gain access to the hardware in future. Only hard drive destruction prior to the IT recycling process can make your data irretrievable.

Make sure your computer remarketing provider includes a comprehensive hard drive disposal & replacement with all your hardware, as a wipe, while essential, is not always enough on its own to render your data irretrievable. For total certainty, why not use the UK’s leading IT recycling service- with a comprehensive data security procedure. For more information on our IT recycling process, including our industry leading data destruction services, speak to our team today.

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