Think Brexit means no more GDPR? Think again!

The whole concept of GDPR has been a challenge for many business owners, but even though the May 2018 deadline is now a distant memory, it is still a good time to point out that this EU-led data protection law won’t be going anywhere when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union as scheduled on 30th March 2019.

There are still a worrying number of people out there who think that our country will be unshackling itself from the more undesirable parts of EU law on this date, and they are in for a rude awakening!

Worryingly, just a few minutes spent browsing Facebook groups and forums will provide examples of people who think that ‘no deal’ means an immediate end to any Brussels-made law’s presence in the United Kingdom.

Although the exact format and timetable for Brexit is still far from certain, legislation that has been laid down by Parliament will apply regardless of the outcome, and one major feature of this is that all EU laws will automatically transform into British laws when we leave.

After this point, it will then be up to our government to ‘unpick’ them on an individual basis, and all signs at the moment are pointing towards GDPR remaining firmly in place.

Practical benefits of the regulations aside, it would make little sense to simply dump something that so many businesses have invested a great deal of time and money into arranging.

Brexit will be giving businesses of all sizes enough to think about, and so it is actually reassuring that in terms of data protection, responsible and law-abiding companies will practically have nothing extra to be concerned about.

This also means that for the foreseeable future, there will still be a need for everyone to dispose of and recycle IT equipment responsibly, and for any device that holds any amount of personal data, this means that it makes perfect sense to let professionals handle unwanted items of this nature.

Merely formatting a hard drive before getting rid of it simply won’t make the grade anymore, and this is because it is incredibly straightforward for anyone to retrieve the data with the correct software – software that is actually available free of charge from a number of sources!

A professional IT recycling company like AssetCare will not only wipe the data, but they will also eradicate beyond the point where it can be retrieved. This coupled with the a full asset full audit trail and data destruction certification for each item is enough satisfy any GDPR compliance officer.