Three common mistakes when disposing of data bearing devices

In the modern day business world, data must be treated as important as any precious, physical asset. Most of us know about the importance of protecting data on devices that are currently in use, but what about when it comes to those devices which are going to be destroyed?

Yesterday’s filing cabinets are today’s computers and mobile devices. And just as we would have shredded paper files, we need to ensure that the data we have stored on our electronic devices are destroyed securely when disposing of them. In this blog, we take a look at three mistakes to steer clear of when getting rid of devices that have had data stored on them.

1. Thinking that pressing ‘delete’ is enough

You might think that having deleted all your files, you are in the clear, but this is not the case. Recovery experts still have the capability to restore this data, in the same way that companies offer the service of restoring data which has been lost inadvertently. For this reason, it is important to recruit the services of a professional data removal service which is able to perform a thorough data wipe which won’t leave you compromised.

2. Disposing of equipment illegally

If you thought that you can get around the issue of your data being compromised during disposal by throwing devices away or burning them, you may be falling foul of the law. That’s because many of these items possess chemicals which can cause serious harm to the environment, even having the ability to enter the water supply. So don’t present yourself with the problems which are attached to the irresponsible disposal of computer items – ensure that your business stays on the right side of regulations.

3. Being careless with personal data

If you think you can encounter some bad problems when disposing incorrectly of your data bearing devices, consider that these issues can be multiplied when the data involves personal information. That’s because the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes it absolutely essential that you store and protect your customer information properly. Failure to do so can lead to heavy fines which could potentially cripple a business, and so when you are disposing of items, it has never been more important to ensure that all personal data has been properly wiped.

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