Three tips for securely disposing of hard drives that you need to know

Quickly Googling how to destroy a hard drive will bring up lots of information, some of it conflicting, as well as presenting you with several YouTube videos of business men physically taking an axe to their storage devices. While these videos may be entertaining, they fail to capture the serious consequences of improperly destroying and disposing of your data.

Given the rise of cybercrime, the ease at which sensitive information (belonging to both you and your clients) can be used maliciously, and the heavy fines associated with breaching the new GDPR legislation, it is essential that companies securely destroy and dispose of their old IT equipment.

1. Ensure that you receive proof of the data being destroyed

Secure data destruction is necessary in order to comply with a wealth of rules and regulations, from both the UK government and associated bodies in the EU. As such, whenever you undergo this process, ensure that the company you are working with provides you with a certificate of destruction; if one cannot be provided then you risk non-compliance to these regulators. Check with the company that they can provide a certificate and have adhere to a data compliance scheme in order to save you a host of potential future problems.

2. Reuse is often safer than destroying a hard drive

While many data destruction firms will suggest that physical destruction is the only option available to their clients, this is a common misconception. Sanitising existing data by wiping storage devices or hard drives is actually far more secure than the typical hard drive destruction services or incineration methods that most companies suggest.

Overwriting hard drives with software such as Blancco means that all the previously stored data is completely overwritten with random strings of binary coding, leaving no trace of the original data. By keeping the physical system intact, it can then be reused and remarketed.

3. Leave it to the experts

As suggested, IT wiping, destruction and disposal presents a number of complicated problems, especially for firms who have no experience in this area. Ensuring that your old IT equipment has been processed in the correct manner ensures that your business is protected, and that you have the peace of mind knowing you have fully complied with the ever changing security, data protection and e-waste regulations.

At Asset Care, we ensure that all of your old storage systems are completely wiped, destroyed and disposed of according to the law. As a company dedicated to total security and the environment, we are focused on reuse rather than destruction, which separates us from our competitors. 

For more information about our hard drive destruction services or secure data sanitisation, if you have any queries or need a quote then contact us today.