WannaCry Ransomware Attack – “A Wake-up Call”

 Time to dispose of your old kit?

Are you running old machines? Do you have redundant assets that need to be disposed of?

The recent cyber-attacks certainly highlight the need to make sure your equipment and software is up to date and to make sure you consider data security from every angle.

The expense of not keeping your data safe is enormous. Whether you are paying ransom for your own data, being fined by the Information Commissioners Office or watching your reputation being dragged through the mud; it is far cheaper to ensure you employ good data security practices including the disposal of redundant IT equipment.

Do you trust your Trust?

The recent ransomware attacks have so far infected over 200,000 systems and have spread to more than 150 countries. The most prominent organisation to experience severe disruption in the UK is the NHS, with 61 trusts being affected.

With the WannaCry ransomware attack exploiting security flaws associated with the Windows operating system, Microsoft were quick to deflect any criticism, insisting that this attack should be “A Wake-up Call” to:

  1. Governments, for hoarding known security vulnerabilities and exploiting them to further their own interests.
  2. Windows Users, for not keeping their software up to date by installing the regular security patches.


NHS Under Pressure

In the summer of 2016, the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and National Data Guardian performed data security reviews in 60 NHS practices including hospitals and GP surgeries. In their findings, it was highlighted that there was a serious lack of understanding of the issues relating to data security. Many trusts, under time and budget constraints, are failing to ensure that security processes and technology are given sufficient attention in order to prevent data breaches.

Security Trinity

The 3 main data concerns for any organisation that handle digital data relate to physical, technological and disposal vulnerabilities.

AssetCare specialise in offering nationwide secure asset disposal; operating a comprehensive data sanitisation service that will protect your organisation against data breaches once your equipment becomes redundant.

With three levels of security we provide an ADISA certified service that is low cost and satisfies all your duty of care requirements.

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