What business implications are there to not disposing of your old IT equipment properly?

When it comes to your old IT equipment, being aware of your corporate responsibilities is essential. This is especially true when you consider strict new GDPR laws coming into effect as of May 2018. There has been much talk of the legal side of why you should dispose of your old IT equipment but it is also worth considering other reasons to do so as well. As a business, even if you put the legal ramifications to one side for a minute, there are economic and social reasons that show it makes sense.

But what specifically are the factors that make it crucial to make sure your redundant IT kit is dealt with properly to avoid any data leaks?

It’s the right thing to do!

As an IT manager or business owner, you will no doubt always strive to behave in the most ethical manner. This commitment to ethics should also extend to getting rid of your old IT equipment. Simply chucking it out with no thought of the potential consequences of leaving personal customer data on it is not acceptable. Business is now as much about ethics as it is the bottom line and dealing with your retired IT gear is at the forefront. Whether it is a data wipe or hard drive wipe, you need to use a professional company to make it safe before getting rid.

Brand image

This goes hand in hand with the above point really. In the modern age, many people will choose to do business with you based on a positive brand image. Your companies reputation is vital in attracting customers and showing them you are a trustworthy organisation to deal with. By disposing of your old IT kit properly in an ethical manner, you will achieve this.

Of course, this makes great economic sense for you as it will see you hang onto your existing customers and attract new ones. Brand image is so essential in the modern business climate that you can’t risk destroying it with lapses of procedure. You do not want to be known as that company that puts peoples personal data at risk!

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