What can you do with your old tech?

What can you do with your old tech?Technology such as phones, tablets and laptops are always on the upgrade with new models and versions coming out onto the market sometimes as much as twice a year. But what happens to all that obsolete tech?

Well, there’s always someone on the lookout for a bargain and over a third of us are now selling our unwanted gadgets in an effort to raise a little extra cash to put towards an upgrade.

Computer recycling

The easiest way to cash in on old tech is by recycling it in return for cash. If your gadget is in good condition, it will be refurbished and probably sold on overseas in a developing country. If the condition is less than pristine, it will be salvaged for useful parts and any precious metals will be stripped out and melted down.

It’s a pretty good deal. You get cash for something you no longer want and you’ll also be helping to improve communications access in developing countries. There’s an environmental benefit too; rare materials are mined in order to build components used in phones and tablets, so your unwanted ‘junk’ could help to ease the burden on natural resources.

However, don’t just delete the files from your old laptop and hope for the best. To prevent your personal information getting into the public domain and to guard yourself against ID theft, it’s essential that you have your hard drive wiped or shredded professionally.

Re-purpose it

This option won’t actually make you any cash, but it could save you from spending more. Phones and tablets have a built-in flash memory of anything up to 64GB and you could use this purely for data storage. You could keep a device with a good camera and use it just for photography when you go away on holiday, rather than risking loss or damage to an expensive piece of camera equipment. Smartphones often have really useful satnav functionality and could be reserved for this function alone.

Old Android phones have lots of apps which can be used for re-purposing. For example, the IP Webcam app can transform your device into a desktop webcam. Smart TVs even have apps that can turn your mobile phone into a spare remote control.

For more advice and suggestions on how to safely and responsibly dispose of your old tech, contact the experts at Asset Care today.