What is a data wipe and why should your business use it?

For many smaller businesses, the process of dealing with their redundant IT equipment can seem confusing. It is a vital area to focus on though as new GDPR laws will see harsh penalties for any data breaches. Leaving personal customer data on redundant IT equipment that could then be accessed is a real no-no in this respect.

One very effective way of dealing with your old IT stock is a data wipe.

What is a data wipe?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve getting a cloth out and giving your hard-drive the once over with it! A data wipe involves using industry standard software to totally erase all data off the hard drive of a computer. This is the only way of totally wiping it with no chance of it being recovered by anyone. Don’t confuse it with simply deleting the files off manually yourself – it is not the same thing!

Simply deleting your files does not get rid of them permanently in the same way as a data wipe will. Data wiping is also known as data sanitisation but is basically the same thing.

Why does your business need to do it?

In essence, we have touched on the two main reasons already. New GDPR laws coming into effect very soon make it more vital than ever to get rid of your redundant IT equipment safely. With prospective fines being in the thousands for breaches of GDPR, you need to make sure you do all you can to comply.

As noted above, data wiping is the only way to totally erase data from old IT equipment with no chance of someone else being able to recover it. Once a data wipe has been performed, even if a hacker were to get hold of the hard drive, there would be no information there to recover from it.

It also allows you to recycle or reuse your old IT equipment. This could save you money on buying new stock or you could make money on your old equipment being recycled. Once again, the only way to do this safely is by a data wipe on the equipment first.

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If you run any kind of business that is looking to recycle or reuse their old IT equipment, then data wiping is the best solution. It will ensure you fully comply with all relevant legal requirement and also work in the most ethical manner.

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