What turns ‘shredding’ into ‘secure shredding?’

Although there are many companies out there who claim to offer ‘shredding’ of sensitive paperwork, hard drives and other materials, as a business you must ask yourself one very important question beforehand – is it ‘secure?’ If the answer is ‘no,’ then you could be leaving yourself wide-open to data theft, and even legal implications from not fulfilling your obligations under the GDPR. With ShredCare, we offer a number of features to ensure that all shredding and destruction is carried out as securely as possible for both physical items and data.

On-site paper shredding services

One of the best ways of ensuring that all confidential waste shredding is ‘secure’ is to have it carried out on-site at your business premises. This removes any concerns about what could happen to sensitive items once they leave your company, and portable equipment can completely remove hard drive data, shred paper and even destroy uniforms without leaving your place of work. If you are worried that another company may offer an artificially low price by cutting corners for data destruction once they are ‘out of sight, and out of mind,’ it makes sense to only use professionals who can show you proof that your instructions have been carried out.

Full tracking and custody management

Although hard drive shredding ‘on-site’ will give you great assurance, that’s not to say that removing items and transporting them to an external recycling centre isn’t secure as well. It is vital for any shredding company to provide full tracking using barcode-based technology that allows you to monitor the progress of any job. On top of this, full custody management at every stage of the process will ensure that no items go missing at any time. The bottom line when it comes to tracking is that in the event of a compliance inspection, you have instant proof that you have fulfilled your legal duties for data protection in the form of tracking barcodes and certificates of destruction.

Safer paper shredding logistics

To keep shredding as secure as possible, it is safest to only transport items in vehicles that are wholly owned by the company – sub-contracting logistics runs the risk of losing control of the job. Some companies may try and compete on price by using third-parties like couriers, and just a few minutes of searching on social media will tell you that packages can often end up in the most unexpected places!

To find out more about how AssetCare offer the highest levels of security when it comes to shredding, please get in touch with us using the ‘Contact’ button above. We are proud to offer a ‘secure shredding’ service because of the following:

  • A full range of mobile equipment to destroy both physical computers and data devices on-site.
  • Comprehensive tracking and certification when shredding is carried out at one of our 16 recycling centres.
  • 180 vehicles that are entirely owned by AssetCare, with absolutely no sub-contracting to couriers.