Why computer reuse makes sense for sustainable businesses

Sustainability is a bit of a buzzword at the moment – but few think about what the word really means. Simply put, sustainability is all about finding a way of operating your business that can and will endure over the longer term. In this day and age, it can be difficult to maintain a status quo – everything is moving so fast. Technology is a case in point. A truly sustainable business works out how best to navigate the minefields of fads and gadgets, knowing when it is best to buy new computers, for example, and when computer reuse would make more sense.

Environmental sustainability

If you are trying to create a fully sustainable business model then your business must take the environment, both local and global, into account. This is our planet, and there is only one Earth. As businesses and individuals, we all have to be more careful about how we consume this world’s resources. If we are not, those resources will simply dwindle and, eventually, run out.

Safely and effectively sanitising IT equipment can allow it to be safely re-used in-house, or at another company. It will also allow for the safe disposal of old computers or phones that you no longer need. Before they are recycled into their constituent parts and the materials within retained for future use, they could and should pass through several further owners. As you will know, often the machines are perfectly usable still but have simply been superseded. By safely ridding those items of your data, you can rest assured that the hardware is all you are sharing with future owners.

It is vitally important that we reduce our consumption of many of the metals and other elements that go into making laptops, phones, tablets and desktop computers, as these are finite resources and we are all utterly unprepared for life when they are all gone. What is more, we are consuming vast amounts of energy and water, and polluting the environment to get the materials we need for our technology.

Financial sustainability

Sustainability in businesses large or small has a huge environmental component. But your business should be sustainable in other senses too. Computer reuse or IT recycling also makes sense from a financial angle, allowing you to potentially save money on new equipment, or on the disposal of your company’s tech waste.

A truly sustainable business is one which uses consumer electronics wisely, reusing when possible. A business that is environmentally and financially sustainable will always have one eye on the future and will understand why IT recycling and reuse make so much sense.

Check out the possibilities of IT reuse and IT recycling today to find out how we could help create a sustainable way forward for your business.