Why does self-contained e-waste disposal make sense?

AssetCare provides self-contained secure destruction & IT remarketing service. Here we explain what this means and why it’s the optimal system to use.

Today we’re under more pressure than ever to reduce our environmental footprint. Alarming news stories about the damage done by improperly disposed-of waste electronics- including the release of toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, nickel, barium, and chromium, including into water and the atmosphere- have raised public consciousness of these issues. Increasingly aware of public expectations and their social responsibility in these areas, companies are feeling the pressure to do more to protect the planet. Many organisations are therefore updating their appliances with more efficient ones, and are then faced with the need to dispose of old electronic equipment. Introducing a comprehensive recycling policy for waste office equipment is a clear first step toward developing a greener organisation.

However, not all WEEE recycling processes are created equal. Here we drill into the detail and explore why you should always choose a self-contained disposal service such as ours.

What is a Self-contained Electronic Disposal Policy?

The primary goal of an electronics disposal policy is to ensure complete & safe removal of your equipment. Yet recent research by NGOs into the disposal practices in EU countries ranked the UK worst on the continent for irresponsible (and now illegal) export & dumping of WEEE around the world. When you commission a waste disposal consultant to handle your electronic waste, ensure you have complete transparency on the processes involved and the final destination of your equipment. A self-contained WEEE disposal process allows you to track your waste recycling and see exactly what happens to every component. Our tracking process even allows you to check in remotely and monitor your electronic recycling. All of our IT remarketing is based around refurbishing as much as possible of your old material, ensuring as much as possible is reused. All our refurbishing happens in our secure facility, meaning your waste won’t leave until it’s ready for reuse.

By using a self-contained e-waste disposal service you can check that your WEEE is being recycled, refurbished or remarketed as fully and securely as possible, and you can track progress. This gives you peace of mind and complete trust that your e-waste disposal policy is effective.

What are the types of e-waste?

The second key consideration when implementing a disposal policy for waste electronics is the safe removal of that which can’t be reused- such as data-bearing hardware, which cannot be remarketed due to the secure data it carries. This risk extends beyond ‘traditional’ data-bearing devices such as computers, mobiles, and tablets to include printers, scanners and office phone systems.

What happens in Secure Hardrive Disposal?

Deleting this data is not enough, as it can easily be recovered, even from damaged hardware. Instead, these must first be securely wiped by specialist software, before having the hard drives removed and completely shredded. By choosing to use a self-contained, secure facility for this process, you can track progress and also guarantee that no sensitive data-bearing hardware can be exposed to loss or theft. By maintaining a single, secure facility, with everything we need for hard drive destruction and staffed by vetted personnel, we offer both transparency and peace of mind that your data will be kept safe until it’s destroyed.

By using a self-contained process based a single location you can count on a single company performing complete refurbishment, remarketing and secure data destruction, on one site, without subcontracting or relying on external resources to complete any stage of the process.

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