Why is effective data sanitisation so key for business?

If you are involved with looking after the IT arrangements for your business or as a salaried IT manager, then knowing about data sanitisation is vital. This essential area has become especially important in recent times with the increase in cybercrime and malicious attacks. You do not want to risk leaving valuable data on an old PC hard drive that could then be accessed by someone with bad intentions.

This is where data sanitisation comes into play. This very effective solution will perform a data wipe on the IT equipment in question to leave it safe. Usually, this is done by professional companies like AssetCare, where cutting-edge software is used to complete the task properly.

But what specific benefits does data sanitisation offer?

1. Safer than simple physical destruction

It is tempting to think that smashing your old IT equipment into a million pieces or incinerating it will do the job better. This is actually not true! Even the most extreme physical destruction could leave a vital chip or piece of the hard drive behind that a highly skilled hacker could restore and access. Data sanitisation is much better as it literally wipes all data off the hard drive with zero chance for anyone to come along after and get it back.

2. Avoid data leaks

Of course, any process such as data sanitisation is based on the prevention of sensitive data leaking out into the public domain. The process involved here is very effective for hitting this main target. Once a data wipe is done with something like Blancco software, the data is gone forever for full peace of mind.

3. It allows your business to recycle or reuse

A real bonus with data sanitisation is that it leaves your old computers intact, compared to physical destruction. This means that they can then be safely reused or recycled, depending on which you would rather do. This could not only save your business money in the long run but also help you bring some capital in too.

4. Comply with GDPR law

All IT managers will be well aware of strict new GDPR laws coming into effect in May 2018. If you were to inadvertently leave old data on a redundant PC that then was accessed, it would be very serious for you. Using data sanitisation when dealing with old IT equipment will help you comply with these new GDPR laws and avoid any fines for breaching them.

If you would like more information on why data sanitisation makes perfect business sense, contact AssetCare today for more information. We offer an expert and professional service in this area to meet your needs.