Why IT hardware reuse should be your goal when destroying data

In the UK every year, over one million tonnes of electrical waste is thrown away. As well as the huge amounts of waste this produces, combined with the emissions generated during the logistics of hardware disposal, it is important to recognise that many electronic equipment parts are made from toxic materials that are not biodegradable.

However, many companies think that when they need to sanitise or destroy sensitive data that they only way to do this is through the physical destruction of the hardware which stored the information. This is not the case, and companies are beginning to recognise the benefits of secure data destruction without disposing of the physical hardware. Our experts list some of the main benefits of hardware reuse.

1. It’s better for the environment

As stated above, there are many hardware components which are made from hazardous materials, which not only have a serious negative impact on the local environment, but are also not biodegradable, meaning they contribute to the masses of landfill waste we produce. However, secure data sanitisation with the right software allows the data to be completely destroyed, without harming the hardware. This hardware can then be reused by your business, saving you from buying new equipment, and helping you to meet your environmental and corporate social responsibility goals.

2. It’s more secure than physical destruction

Shredding or incinerating hardware are common practices by companies, but these are not entirely secure. Even if a hard drive has been ‘destroyed’ by one of these processes, there can still be some recoverable data left on the device, which can be relatively easy to recover for anyone with the right knowledge and software. However, by using specialist software, such as Blancco, the complete overwriting of the hardware with specific randomising algorithms will completely remove all trace of your sensitive information, without it being recoverable, allowing your business to meet its GDPR and data protection commitments.

3. It saves your company money!

By choosing to destroy your data through overwriting, rather than physical destruction, you will find that the process is often cheaper. Not only do you remove the costly elements of the logistics of safely and securely disposing of these hazardous materials, but it also means you have completely blank hardware which your business can reuse.

At Asset Care, we pride ourselves on computer recycling, hard drive destruction and all aspects of IT disposal. Focusing on the benefits of reuse rather than destruction, we can help your business to meet its environmental obligations without compromising on the quality of data security. For more information about our services please contact us at https://asset-care.uk/contact/.