Why you should consider IT recycling and remarketing on your next IT upgrade

A study conducted in 2018 revealed that by 2021, the mass of electronic waste is expected to reach a staggering 52.2 million tonnes with a predicted annual growth of between 3% and 4%.

The majority of this waste comprises of large household appliances followed closely by IT equipment, mainly from the typical workplace. With the growing volume of WEEE, it’s time to think of safer, more effective and economical ways of disposing of decommissioned IT equipment.

How IT recycling and remarketing works

Recycling and remarketing of IT hardware is entirely different from destruction. When upgrading to newer hardware, the old items can create a revenue stream if their condition is fit for reuse.

If the hardware is too old and non-reusable, the component materials are salvaged to yield plastic, metals and precious elements for various industrial purposes. Assets such as computers that are still in good working condition and relevant to the current technology are cleaned and refurbished for resale.

Why should recycle your IT equipment and resell?

There are several benefits to recycling and reusing IT hardware as opposed to destroying. Two of the most prominent advantages are a reduced cost of upgrading to new equipment – since you get some money back for your old assets – and that the practice is kinder to the environment. Recycling any material requires less energy or natural resources than manufacturing new. Moreover, a lot of energy goes into destroying IT hardware safely.

This approach to tech disposal benefits both your business and the environment. Also, think about the final buyer of refurbished hardware who gets a functional computer, for instance, at a fraction of the price.

Preparing hardware for recycling and resale

IT hardware mostly consists of computers, which carry volumes of critical data. The first and most important preparation before computer disposal is performing a data wipe. It is vital to ensure that not even a byte of data resides on any hard drive before a computer is reused. This is to not only avoid leaking valuable trade information but to also comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on data protection and privacy.

Ensure that you have issued all the necessary documentation regarding the purchase and ownership of the items including any embedded proprietary software. These may include receipts, invoices, delivery notes, service records and so on to avoid any ownership or product representation conflict with the computer remarketing service.

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