Why you should recycle your laptop

Depending on how keen you or your organisation are to keep up with the latest technology in computer hardware, you may find that you have a large backlog of old laptops that need disposing of. 

It can be tempting to cut down on business costs by throwing them away, but there are good reasons to properly recycle your old laptops.

In this blog we’ll explore those reasons and ways that you can properly dispose of laptops while possibly making some money against reselling your old laptop assets.

Environmental reasons

According to the United Nations University in a study in 2017, the weight of global e-waste grew 8% to 44.7 million metric tonnes. With only an estimated 20% of e-waste being recycled. 

Like many other laptops that are thrown away with general waste, they ended up in waste landfills, where their plastics don’t break down and toxic materials contaminate the land they are dumped in.

A lot of the materials that make up laptops such as its circuitry and can be recycled to be used again. 

Security reasons

Unlike other things that you might throw away and not think about again. Electric waste like PCs, laptops, external hard drives or even simple USB sticks can pose a significant risk to a person’s or business’ sensitive information. 

Unless wiped or properly destroyed, these electric devices still bear data that will still be accessible.

No matter its use, many machines could still hold data that is valuable to cybercriminals. Whether its a personal machine that could potentially contain banking information, or a commercial or business use laptop which could contain confidential client information which could potentially be leaked or sold.

How to properly dispose of an old laptop

Destroying a laptop’s hard drive

Despite not looking like much on its own, a hard drive can hold a lot of information, some of it confidential, that is considerably valuable in the wrong hands.

As we’ve outlined in our guide on how to dispose of a laptop securely, when disposing of an old laptop hard drive you should wipe the contents of the drive using dedicated formatting software, and use techniques to properly scrap it so it’s unsalvageable.

How to get money for your old laptop

Depending on its use and specs, a laptop can cost anywhere from £250 to £800 which makes them a valuable asset to just simply throw away, especially if you’re upgrading a lot of laptops across a business. 

It is possible to recoup some of the costs of old IT hardware through using IT remarketing services where once wiped with sophisticated data removal software your old IT assets are sold and a self-raising invoice goes back to you. Whether your business needs to securely dispose of a suite of old IT equipment or if you’re looking to securely throw away an old laptop, contact our IT disposal team through info@asset-care.uk or by calling 0800 091 0875.