How to improve your data security as a small organisation

Discover 4 easy ways any business can tighten up on information security

Now more than ever, every organisation has a responsibility to promote data security and ensure compliance with regulations. With the increasing prominence of the digital marketplace and ever more draconian data security regulations,

Here are some easy ways every company can meet their data security objectives, and more importantly provide guaranteed data security whether internally, or to service users.

Appoint a data security officer

By creating a post for data security, and giving an individual or team ownership of that process, you can encourage a proactive approach from within your organisation. You can also then tie your efforts into wider company policy, as well as ensuring you conform to the new GDPR regulations. By making a clear effort to incorporate data security into the fabric of your workplace you’ll find it much easier to adapt to future regulatory changes, and raise awareness of the important legal & ethical implications of handling sensitive client or company data responsibly.

Write & circulate a clear data security policy

By creating a physical data security document, you can present your goals & objectives to staff & clients, as well as clearly visualising the steps you need to take to achieve your data security commitments. By formatting & presenting your ‘policy on a page’ you can demonstrate to coworkers the what, why & how of data security within your organisation. Create an easy to understand document that can be either posted up in the office or circulated between team members. Ensure all team members have a chance to read & absorb the document and ask questions where necessary.

Use computer remarketing services

The costs of implementing a thorough data security policy shouldn’t be prohibitive- providing a responsible process to ensure safe data storage & disposal should always be a priority, after all. That’s the genius of using a computer remarketing & hard drive disposal service such as AssetCare- not only do you get a certifiable, secure data wipe and complete secure physical destruction of your hardware, you can also expect an expert computer remarketing service to recoup costs and drive down the expense of your data security policy.

Involve your team

Bringing your entire workforce into your data security policy provides a depth of understanding throughout your organisation. Introduce all levels of your workforce to the importance of maintaining a thorough data security procedure- this will eliminate a lot of the risk that comes with placing data security management in the hands of a small team. By encouraging staff at all levels to improve security such as virus protection & passwords, store physical data securely, and regularly backup important data, you can foster a security-savvy and efficient organisation.