Providing secure, straightforward asset recycling solutions to organisations such as


Secure Disposal Made Simple

We believe that IT recycling should be 3 things, simple, transparent and meticulous.

Our straightforward computer destruction & recycling services


We guarantee compliance so you don't have to

Your data is valuable, you’re responsible for it, so it’s important that it’s disposed of properly – but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.


Follow the process all the way through

Your assets are precious. We strive to instil confidence and trust in our service by making the process as transparent as possible.

By giving you live tracking information, process viewing and detailed reports you maintain a level of control over your assets even after they have left your possession.

With tracking & monitoring options, our E Waste disposal service offers maximum transparency
Meticulous and precise, our hard drive disposal service leads the UK in secure destruction


Whether it's sanitisation, shredding or crushing, we do it properly

Once we take custody of your data bearing devices you can be safe in the knowledge that we will take all appropriate measures to ensure the complete destruction of your data.