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IT remarketing from Asset Care: The easy way to help the environment and save money

With more pressure than ever in cost-cutting and smoother operations, your business needs to act now to find ways to cut costs and staying competitive. Using cutting-edge technology equipment is a non-negotiable to compete in the 21st century; however, the cost of upgrading older systems often discourages managers from committing to investing in a hardware upgrade. Not pulling the trigger unnecessarily exposes companies to inefficiencies, with subpar performances due to ageing equipment, but most importantly, leaves your business exposed to hacking and other cyber attacks. These are some of the many ways in which outdated hardware and software can hinder your company’s sustainability and cause you invaluable losses, both in lost productivity and potential data breaches. Conversely, the benefits of getting your hands on state-of-the-art technology systems are countless: for starters, better performance can boost your productivity, quality of service; it’s a nice perk for your staff and improves your image. Most importantly, it’s one of your company’s main assets and can give you the edge over the competition and, most importantly, enables you to safeguard your data.

Considering that the world of business and institutional management is quickly shifting to taking place – fully or partially – online, keeping the company’s IT running fast and smooth has become a key priority for every single business. No field is immune from this change, as Zoom calls become a standard for the modern workday, and fast hardware is now more than ever a significant driver of a company’s performance. Many decision-makers refuse to overhaul their hardware fleet, either put off by the costs related to replacing their existing devices or by the complexity of organising replacement equipment across the board, which can be a daunting feat.

Computer and laptop remarketing has recently emerged as a smart method to offset some of the upfront costs related to a company tech upgrade, enabling many companies of all sizes to make upgrading their IT fleet more reasonable financially. Besides, IT hardware recycling is an ethical practice, both in financial terms and a more environmentally-friendly route for your company to upgrade its hardware.

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The IT Remarketing timeline

Discover how to take advantage of IT asset remarketing to fund your organisation’s next IT infrastructure upgrade while also contributing to protecting the environment.

Let Asset Care handle your obsolete tech: our computer remarketing service is a one-stop centre for your company’s IT asset disposal. IT remarketing is a great way to cover the costs of disposing of your computers’ assets, keep your data safe, while recycling IT hardware ensures you do the sensible thing for the environment. Below are the steps your IT assets undergo at our hardware recycling facility:

  • Either you send us a list of your redundant items, or we conduct a site assessment. The more information we have at our disposal, the higher accuracy the evaluation will be.
  • We discuss your IT remarketing options and make you aware of the value of your assets.
  • The collection is arranged via one of our AssetCare service options 
  • We audit your data and devices. Then, we overwrite data via the Blanco software. Before preparing your IT assets’ remarketing, we clean, test and perform a full identity removal from your equipment.
  • We log all associated asset tags and serial numbers on our bespoke tracking software for reporting purposes.
  • Once processed, we will raise a self-billing invoice in line with our original assessment.


Why choose AssetCare for your computer remarketing?

  • We have been serving public and private sector organisations for over 25 years, with a proven track record of providing maximum financial returns. Thanks to our multi-channel marketing system, we give your remarketed assets the highest degree of exposure.
  • We conduct safe and responsible Data Sanitisation with Blancco software and can produce individual data eradication certificates.
  • We built a bespoke tracking software that will provide you with a dashboard of all your remarketed IT assets. You can customise reports to your benefit, for example, to include information specific to your business requirements (Make/Model/Asset Numbers/Serial Numbers/Specifications).
  • We collect, transport and store all electrical equipment responsibly and safely, in full compliance with UK & EU law, including the WEEE Directive, GDPR and Data Protection Act.

Save money, protect the environment with IT Remarketing and computer hardware recycling

By implementing an IT asset remarketing policy, you’re saving the planet much hassle. Computer recycling means you avoid the harmful dumping of potentially reusable materials in the landfill. Reselling your old IT equipment means you help tackle the needless waste of finite resources used while manufacturing hard drives and circuit boards, improving your company’s CSR and environmental friendliness. By recycling your computers, you limit the amount of non-biodegradable waste produced by IT hardware dumping: something that should give your staff a sense of pride.

For this reason, IT asset remarketing keeps coming up in the tech upgrade plans of successful companies and institutions. If you think a tech recycle program could enhance the benefits of your IT system upgrade, speak to AssetCare today to discover more about the advantages of computer remarketing services.

IT Remarketing Is Secure & Safe

IT recycling and computer remarketing services provide the perfect balance between cost-effective decision making and fast & efficient upgrades in your IT and recycling the redundant waste to avoid harming the environment. Additionally, we provide one of the most complete and thorough specialist data protection procedures available as part of our IT recycling. Computer remarketing that’s not just balanced with security but prioritises it ensures your confidential data is always secure.

Our team of security-vetted experts operates some of the most sophisticated physical destruction equipment available from within our secure facility – ensuring sensitive information is protective. To enforce total security and irretrievability of data beyond measure, we use a combination of Blancco data wiping software, and a complete hard drive shed, as favoured by government agencies and major UK and international corporations.

We have used AssetCare services for many years now, their service really is excellent and is tailored to meet our many diverse requirements. After a recent visit to their processing facility I am very impressed with their operation and how it has grown over the years.

Libby Moss Environment Manager at Leeds Teaching Hospital

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