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Onsite confidential, secure paper & uniform shredding by AssetCare


At ShredCare we care about safe & secure shredding. We are committed to providing highly secure, confidential shredding services wherever you are in the UK. Operating 16 centres nationwide and running a fleet of 180 wholly owned vehicles we have the infrastructure to serve your organisation. Backed by our strong company values of putting the customer first, we take pride in working with you to get the best possible results for your business. Advertising our prices, with no hidden charges or surprises we
do things a different way, a better way; a simple way; The WasteCare Way.

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Transparent Confidential Paper Shredding Process - Don't take our word for it; come and watch

We welcome any customer to observe our secure shredding process. Whether it be at your site or one of our secure destruction premises, give yourself peace of mind by observing the destruction first hand or via myWaste, our online portal.

  • Secure chain of custody
  • On-site lockable storage
  • Barcode tracked bags and boxes
  • Destruction certificate provided on completion
  • Rebates for recovered paper and metal


What can we securely shred for you?

ShredCare will help you to destroy a range of materials to keep you compliant whether you are adhering to legislation or due to organisational policy. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

  • Confidential Paper
  • Hard drives and removable media
  • Product destruction including textiles, uniforms etc.
  • Rebates for recovered paper and metal
hard disks

We can shred and securely dispose of most things

You know your responsibilities under GDPR, however you may not have considered You know your responsibilities under GDPR and the Data Protection Act, however, you may not have considered shredding confidential waste on your premises as a cost-effective option. Whilst historically on-site shredding is expensive, especially at low volumes, we’re here to change that.

Our clients ask us to shred a wide variety of items; to give you an idea, below is a small sample of a few secure shredding services we can our recent work

  • Data Tapes Shredding

With the move to cloud storage and backup, more customers are requesting a service to destroy legacy back-up tapes We destroy these without leaving your site.

  • Bank Cards, Store Cards, ID Cards Shredding

Whether it is expired credit cards, gift cards or employee identity cards, we provide secure destruction on-site.

  • Unwanted Product Disposal

Whether the product is faulty or overstocked we can shred it. In doing so we can ensure that it does not end up on the market.

  • Electronic Items Disposal

Our dual shredding capability makes us the perfect partner to destroy your electronic items.

  • Archived Paper Shredding

With the implementation of GDPR, companies are clearing their paper data stores. Our fast and efficient service ensures confidential information never leaves your site.

  • VHS & CD CCTV Recordings Erasure

A combination of GDPR and digitisation has led to an increase in customers asking us to destroy old recordings.

  • Secure Uniform disposal

Whether it’s impersonation of staff that’s a concern, a rebrand or an annual uniform refresh, we ensure that an old uniform never reappears where it shouldn’t.

  • Hard Drive Shredding

We can destroy over 5,000 HDD’s per day on site and 20,000 offsite, listing each serial number on the destruction certificate.

Our company handles a high level of personal data and we require a service partner that fully understands this and works within our strict confidentiality and GDPR requirements. We found this with ShredCare. We would not hesitate to recommend them.

Dr. Clare West BSc, DClinPsy, DiploD at Sphere Memory and Rehabilitation Team

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