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We're a division of WasteCare

Asset Care part of the WasteCare group, a waste management and recycling company that has been operating for over 30 years. Asset Care provide secure computer disposal services and data shredding services throughout the UK. Entrusted by some of the largest organisations in the UK such as Asda, Tesco and local government to keep them safe and compliant, you have complete peace of mind that your assets are safe.


Wherever you are, we're local to you

We’ve got 17 computer disposal sites across the UK and a fleet of over 150 vehicles, so wherever you are, we’re local to you.

All our vehicles are GPS tracked in real-time to give you complete peace of mind that your sensitive data is secure, and we have a range of vehicles to support all collection sizes.

Because we’re a division of the WasteCare group, we can offer a range of services along with your asset collection, whether it’s confidential waste, WEEE or even hazardous waste, we’ve got you covered – all in a single collection.

Since we’re part of the WasteCare group, whatever the waste, the answer is yes!

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Keeping you up to date with MyWaste

We use MyWaste to keep you up to date with your data disposal services. We’re the only waste and asset management company in the UK which provides a bespoke online total management system. It’s specifically designed to deal with the pricing, collection, tracking and treatment of most types of assets and waste.

The system ensures total transparency showing our clients the same data that we can see internally; giving access to online quotations, material analysis, duty of care information, scanned documentation, electronic invoices and statements and asset lists.

Available on mobile, tablet, PC and Mac it’s completely free for all customers of The WasteCare Group.

Providing secure, straightforward asset recycling solutions to organisations such as