Secure Computer Disposal and Physical Data Destruction

Securely dispose of your computer and hard drive. Never worry about your data with AssetCare, the secure IT Recycling Specialists.

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Physical destruction

When Data Destruction Services and Sanitisation aren't enough

Today, correct and secure IT disposal is as central as it has ever been. With almost one in two UK businesses reporting a cyber attack or security breach in 2020, it is increasingly evident that safeguarding valuable, confidential and strategic data has become a priority for every industry, all across their IT lifecycle.

With the recent developments in customer data protection, everyone needs their data infrastructure to be GDPR compliant. The current climate urges you to build a bulletproof data security system for your people and your customers. AssetCare’s complete data destruction service makes sure your company is getting rid of its data in the safest way possible, meaning you need not fear any GDPR-related repercussions.

Often an overlooked step in the journey to data security, improper IT disposal carries the same risks as being hacked: careless disposal played a part in 66% of data theft cases, as skilled wrongdoers were able to access data from hard drives.

When your goal is the safety of your data, there’s no way of overdoing it. Data sanitisation is only half of the solution: if you want to be sure your IT is beyond repair, and that, no matter how skilled the criminal, your data is gone forever, there is no way of avoiding physical IT destruction. 

Certified, Safe Computer and Hard Drive Destruction

Let us take care of your IT disposal process, from start to finish

At AssetCare, we assess our consumers’ needs with recycling best practices in mind; our complete offer consists of ethical and practical SSD secure erase and computer reuse service. 

AssetCare offers you:

  • SSD secure erase and digital hard drive wipe with the highest industry standard.
  • Total, secure data destruction services, with a comprehensive hard drive shred following your data wipe.
  • Specialist IT and hard drive recycling services to recover your secured & wiped hardware.
  • Computer remarketing services to provide maximum cost-effectiveness & ethical standards of electronic recycling without compromising data security.
  • Efficient, expert computer and hard drive disposal & electronic recycling service tailored to your needs.
  • Hard drive destruction certificate to record and verify each process’ completion.
  • GDPR-compliant data control & secure IT disposal.

Safely dispose of your IT with Hard Drive Shredding

We now offer a one-stop hard drive destruction service. Take care of your data with unmatched peace of mind.

Complete data destruction and hard drive shredding are the unmatched standards for your IT disposal, as it offers a secure, traceable way to get rid of your old equipment through physical disintegration. There’s no complete data destruction service that does not go through physical destruction, in 2021.

Thanks to our crushing & shredding services, you will leave no trace during data destruction, making any future attempt at recovery futile.

Physical IT  and hard drive disposal ensure your data remain out of reach even to the most skilled and determined cybercriminals. Contact us today to learn more about what makes our hard drive shredding process the ultimate secure, thorough and efficient IT disposal service.
Our team of electronic recycling & computer remarketing services experts are happy to help answer any questions about our SSD secure erase, tech recycle or hard drive destruction services.

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