Secure Data Sanitisation

Secure data removal from computers, disks, tablets and phones

We use the latest version of the CESG approved Blancco software on all hard drives. The Blancco software uses sophisticated overwriting patterns to ensure all your data is eradicated including data stored in secret areas of the hard drives.

Blancco data wipe software

Blancco sanitisation

Meticulous Data Sanitisation

Making sure that assets are properly sanitised is crucial, so we only use the best software. We’re blancco gold partners and ADISA certified, so you can rely on us to properly cleanse your equipment.

Blancco has been certified, approved and recommended by 18 national and international governing bodies. No other security firm can boast this level of compliance.

Blancco currently holds the highest number of DIPCOG approvals of any data erasure software company in the UK, and offers the only DIPCOG-approved products for selective data erasure & mobile erasure. Blancco 5 is acknowledged by DIPCOG for being suitable for erasure of SSD media.

Blancco is certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance. The Blancco product meets the highest security specifications detailed in the HMG InfoSec Standard No: 5.

Where many other sanitisation solutions do not completely wipe solid state devices. Blancco hold a patented unique, secure and verifiable method by which its Blancco 5 product erases data from solid state drives both in the EU and the United States.

AssetCare Data wipe Adisa Certification


Giving you peace of mind

AssetCare hold ADISA certification, in doing so, we’re subject to full external audits, unannounced operational audits and forensic audits.

This includes a full audit on an annual basis as well as up to 4 unannounced visits to our site every year. On every visit a minimum of 10 data bearing devices are tested using cutting edge forensic technology to ensure complete data sanitisation. The information from all audits is made available to all clients for complete transparency in our service.

We welcome third party auditing of our entire secure collection and processing service and if you’d like a tour of our facility please get in touch.

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