Secure Data Sanitisation and Hard Drive Wiping

Hard drive wipe, secure data sanitisation & remarketing services from AssetCare: responsible data destruction & electronic recycling for disks, tablets and phones

Our industry-leading secure data sanitisation services are fully adaptable to the needs of the client. We provide a comprehensive, self-contained service to secure your sensitive data from unwanted retrieval, and reuse your hardware.

Hard Drive Wiping and Secure Data Erasure

For companies and individuals disposing of old or outdated IT equipment, simply throwing it away without taking into consideration the data that is still stored on the machines. Cybercriminals target dumped PCs to access the sensitive data that is still stored on them. 

In order to minimise the risk of that data being stolen and being in breach of data protection laws, WEEE guideline say that wiping the hard drives of all data is best practice for keeping data secure. Our services include:

SSD and magnetic hard drive secure erasure

Hard drive physical destruction service

Full reuse and recycling service for all electronics

We use the latest version of the CESG approved Blancco software on all hard drives. The Blancco software uses sophisticated overwriting patterns to ensure all your data is eradicated including data stored in secret areas of the hard drives.

What is SSD Secure Erasure and How Does It Work?

Solid-state drives (SSDs), hard drives and USB are where all the data on your PC is contained and accessed from whenever you use your computer. Even if you remove a drive from a machine and do not properly dispose of it, the data that it contains can still be accessed. 

We use the latest version of the CESG approved Blancco software on all hard drives. The Blancco software uses sophisticated overwriting patterns to ensure all your data is eradicated including data stored in remote areas of the hard drive.

Asset Care’s Data Wipe Process

Our expert data destruction team begin by conducting a total data wipe using advanced software. We employ the industry-leading Blancco data overwriting software, which is proven to completely cleanse storage of all recorded data, and is favoured by governments & major corporations for their data destruction expertise. Your hard storage devices will be thoroughly checked for remnants or irregularities following data overwriting to guarantee total removal of all data.

Hard drive destruction services from AssetCare

Upon a request for physical destruction, our team of specialist, security-vetted staff will proceed to ensure your hardware is 100% secured with a controlled physical destruction process. Contained inside our advanced & secure data sanitisation facility we will physically destroy your hard drives to render the data storage unusable to hackers or opportunists.

For more information on our hard drive data wipe and hard drive destruction services, contact our team today.

IT & electronic reuse and recycling from AssetCare

After your hard drive wipe or hard drive destruction processes have been completed your hardware passes to our electronic reuse and recycling specialists.

Our team completes your secure data sanitisation process: refurbishing  the remaining hardware through our computer remarketing services or recovering precious metals for physically destroyed items.

Our secure data sanitisaton processes adheres stringently to all relevant legislation and can help you to comply with the GDPRFor more information on our electronic recycling services, contact our team today.

Blancco data wipe software

Blancco sanitisation

Meticulous Data Sanitisation

Making sure that assets are properly sanitised is crucial, so we only use the best software. We’re blancco gold partners so you can rely on us to properly cleanse your equipment.

Blancco has been certified, approved and recommended by 18 national and international governing bodies. No other security firm can boast this level of compliance.

Blancco currently holds the highest number of DIPCOG approvals of any data erasure software company in the UK, and offers the only DIPCOG-approved products for selective data erasure & mobile erasure. Blancco 5 is acknowledged by DIPCOG for being suitable for erasure of SSD media.

Blancco is certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance. The Blancco product meets the highest security specifications detailed in the HMG InfoSec Standard No: 5.

Where many other sanitisation solutions do not completely wipe solid state devices. Blancco hold a patented unique, secure and verifiable method by which its Blancco 5 product erases data from solid state drives both in the EU and the United States.

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